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A Word on Climbing Safety


Climbing is inherently risky.  The climbing industry has developed systems for securing the climber that, when used correctly, do not fail.  Climbing gear manufacturers put their equipment through rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and maximum load bearing capacity.  This commitment to quality has turned a sport that was once thought extreme into a mainstream activity.  Unfortunately, the inherent risks associated with climbing have not changed… i.e.: gravity works.


There is a high level of personal responsibility and accountability for everyone involved in climbing. This reason, coupled with the inherent risk associated with climbing, is why a liability waiver is needed.  No one climbs without signing it. In climbing the term “belay” comes from the nautical term meaning “hold fast.”  This means the belayer takes an active role in securing the ascent and descent of the climber.


  • All climbers & belayers must first accept personal responsibility and sign the release of liability waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must have the filled out by parent or legal guardian in order to climb or belay.


At Tyler Rock Gym we have developed a training method which strictly follows industry standards in order to minimize the risk associated.  The training focuses on the principles of proper belaying, equipment use, knot tying, and general climbing etiquette. It emphasizes the importance of being active and attentive, whether operating as belayer or climber. All climbers and belayers must take personal responsibility for their own safety.


Children are welcome to climb at Tyler Rock Gym, but for the safety of all climbers, all children under the age of 14 must be actively supervised by a parent/guardian or adult at all times. If children are repeatedly unattended, they may be asked to leave the gym.

Top Rope

In top-rope climbing the rope is secured to anchors at the top of the climb.  The climber’s rope is always above the climber and they are never subjected to a fall if they let go of the wall.


If you don’t know how to top rope belay and you want to learn how, sign up for a Top Rope Belay Class. If you already know how to belay, a class is not necessary. However, we will ask you to take a simple proficiency test.


In order to top rope climb or belay at Tyler Rock Gym you must meet the following criteria:

Top Rope Climbing Requirements:

  • Climbers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Use an industry manufactured harness
  • Harness must be snug with waist belt above hips

Top Rope Belaying Requirements:

  • There is a 14 year old age requirement for belaying.  There are a few exceptions.
  • Use an industry manufactured belay device and harness
  • Harness must be snug with waist belt above hips and doubled back
  • Use a retraced figure 8 with a minimum 7 inch tail, tied into the correct points
  • Belay device is to be set properly and belay carabiner locked
  • Be attentive and stand while belaying
  • NEVER drop or let go of the rope with your brake hand
  • Be able to alternate between belaying and lowering without compromising the brake hand
  • When lowering, brake hand must not go above 3 o’clock position (or 9 o’clock if you are left handed)

Lead Climbing

Lead-climbing is a ground up style of climbing.  In lead-climbing the climber secures his or her rope to anchor points in the wall as he or she ascends.  It is referred to as the “sharp-end” of the rope.  If the climber falls, he or she will fall to his last clipped anchor point.  It is a specialized form of climbing that takes a higher level of skill and knowledge.


If you don’t know how to lead belay or climb and you want to learn how, sign up for an Intro to Lead Class. Just like top-rope, a class is not necessary for experienced climbers, a proficiency test will be provided prior to climbing.


In order to lead-climb at Tyler Rock Gym you must meet the following criteria.

Lead Climbing Requirements:

  • Climbers must be 14 years of age or older in order to lead climb. There are few exceptions.
  • Be able to climb 5.9 with no difficulty
  • Understand back-clipping, z-clipping, and rope management
  • Clip between waist and head
  • Be willing to take a reasonable fall cleanly

Lead Belaying Requirements:

  • Meet all criteria for top-roped climbing
  • Belay facing the wall at all times
  • Keep minimal slack in rope – rope cannot touch the ground
  • Be able to dynamically catch a lead fall with minimal rope play and without losing control


Bouldering is an exciting and popular sport. With this increase of popularity, Tyler Rock Gym puts an emphasis on safety while bouldering. This includes an emphasis on proper falling and spotting technique.


Even with state of the art flooring and proper fall and spotting technique, bouldering is a high risk sport.  It is important to take responsibility for your own safety.  Every fall is a ground fall.  If you have problems with your legs or back, then bouldering can be dangerous for you and you may want to avoid this climbing option.  If you have any questions about safe practices, do not hesitate to ask.


Bouldering Requirements:

  • Children under the age of 8 at NOT allowed in the bouldering area or on the bouldering pads
  • Be courteous of other climbers and be aware of fall zones
  • When possible, climb down after you have finished your bouldering route


Climbing is an incredible sport that builds strength both in the mind and in the body, but it is also inherently risky.  Each climber must take responsibility for his or her own safety.  In order to make your visit a positive one, be courteous to your fellow climbers and be conscious of your surroundings.  Follow the proper protocol set by the gym and climb on!

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