Lock Ins

Lock Ins

Lock-ins are the best! Young people love staying up until their eyelids just can’t stay open any more.


Host your next youth lock-in at Tyler Rock Gym. We’ll teach your young people “the ropes” and let them climb until their hands, arms and legs can’t climb anymore. At that point come and relax while watching a movie. Enjoy hanging out together and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you would like to book a lock-in, please contact our office to book.  Lock-Ins are 10 PM – 8 AM.


A 10 Hour Lock-In would be great for:

  • Church Youth Groups
  • Boy & Girl Scouts
  • Sports teams
  • Clubs & Civic groups
  • Camps


Lock-In Prices:

Up to 20 climbers – $500
each additional climber – $25

***If you don’t know exactly how many people will come, please choose an estimated number. The price is subject to change based on the actual number of climbing guests you bring. We will adjust the total price to reflect your actual numbers on the day of the lock-in. You will NOT be charged for the total until you have reviewed and approved the final numbers with your lock-in host at the lock-in.***

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