Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about your visit to Tyler Rock Gym? We can help!

How does this work? Do I need to RSVP? Do we pay by the hour?

No need to RSVP, just come! You do need to call or email [email protected] to plan your visit if you are bringing a group of 10 or more people.

You don’t pay by the hour. Instead, you purchase a day pass which allows you to come and go as you please all day! Only those climbing have to purchase a day pass. If you are watching, there is no charge to come in, but you will still need to fill out a waiver. Parking is limited, so please carpool!

Is climbing safe?

No. Rock climbing is inherently dangerous. It requires knowledge and personal responsibility. Compliance with all rules, instructions, and/or warnings CANNOT guarantee your safety. Our staff is here to teach, train, and assist you in an effort to reduce the risks, but ultimately the responsibility for your safety is yours.

Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are open to the public. You do not have to have a membership to climb. We are only closed to the public and open to members only on Saturdays (9 AM – 11 AM) and Sundays (11 AM – 1 PM).

Do I need to rent gear?

Just like bowling, some people have their own gear and others have to rent gear. Most people rent at least a harness to be able to climb in the roped areas of the gym. You can climb in your own closed-toe shoes, but you will notice a significant difference if you do rent climbing shoes. You can rent a chalk bag (for your hands) as well or you can get the total rental package (harness, shoes, and chalk). If you only want to boulder (climbing without ropes), then you don’t need to rent any gear. If you would like to, you can purchase gear in our on-site Pro Shop. Click here for rental gear pricing.

Do I need to know how to belay?

No, you don’t have to know how to belay. We have 14 auto-belays in the gym, if you do not know how to belay or do not have a climbing partner. If you want to learn how to belay, we can teach you! Top Rope Belay Classes are offered several times a week ($12.95 per person).


We will be offering TR belay classes through all of November 2017.

What if I already know how to belay?

If you already know how to belay, you do NOT need to take our Top Rope Belay class. Ask our staff to give you a belay check when you arrive. We require the figure-8 follow-through knot with at least a 7″ tail. We rent belay devices.

What if I want to lead climb?

If you are a proficient lead climber or already lead climb at another gym, we still require you to have an Tyler Rock Gym lead card and take a lead test. If you haven’t lead climbed before but would like to learn, you can sign up for an Intro to Lead Class.

Can I just drop off my kids and let them climb?

No. Active adult supervision is required for all kids 13 and younger. Our staff will not supervise your children.

Can I bring in cake and/or food for a party?

If you booked the party with us, YES. If you did not book the party with us, NO. Parties that are booked with us have access to the private party room where cake, food, and drinks can be served. We do not have the space for cake, food, and presents except within the private party room.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Our auto-belays have a weight restriction of 300 pounds, but the rest of the gym does not have a weight restriction.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes. We offer discounted rates to non-profit organizations for visits Monday-Thursday. To get the discounted rate, you must book with us at least 2 weeks prior. We do not offer any discounted rates Friday-Sunday. Please visit our group page for details and to book online.

When are you open?

Please visit our hours and locations page for all current and holiday hours.

Are you open on holidays?

The only holidays we are closed or have special hours are as follows:
New Years Day: Open at 12 PM
Easter: Closed
4th of July: Open at 10 AM, Close at 4 PM
Labor Day: Open at 9 AM
Thanksgiving: Closed
Christmas Eve: Close at 4 PM
Christmas Day: Closed
Day after Christmas: Open at 12 PM
New Years Eve: Close at 4 PM

Are socks required in rental shoes?

Yes they are required and ewh for wanting to stick your foot in a shoe someone else got to wear barefooted.

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