Belay Class

Intro Belay Class

Come take our Intro Belay Class. Learn to ‘belay’ (the method of holding a rope system for a climber to catch them if they fall) and learn the knots required to tie into a rope. This is required to use the high wall (top rope) climbs without an autobelay or staff member’s assistance. This is a great way to learn the basics so you can enjoy roped climbing anytime with friends, family and/or your kids.

  • This class typically takes 30 minutes and teaches knots, the belaying process, and some extra safety procedures at the gym.
  • Must be 14+ age
  • $12 for non-members; $9 for members
  • The harness is not included in the class fee ($4.00 harness rental or bring your own)
  • The belay device is included and yours to use for the rest of your visit
  • Please show up 15 minutes prior to class starts with a filled out waiver to pay and get set up with equipment. We cannot guarantee a delayed start for those who arrive late. If late the class may need to be rescheduled.
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$30 For Unlimited
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