About Tyler Rock Gym



The owners David Orchard and Shawn Wilson both have a passion for Climbing.  Their desire to make Tyler Rock Gym a place where people in East Texas and beyond come for an amazing climbing experience.


David fell in love with climbing while living in Austin.  He transitioned from the world of indoor climbing to the outdoors and went all in.  When given the choice between climbing indoors and outdoors, David will most often take the outdoor option.  Whenever David is traveling across the U.S. you can bet that he is always on the lookout for a place to take out his gear and climb outside in mother nature.  David has been climbing since 1996 and has introduced countless people to the sport. Many or all of his family vacations revolve around getting to climb somewhere new. David is excited about sharing the sport that motivates him with everyone that walks through the doors. He is also fascinated with the prospect of building a community of climbers with the skills to go outside and see the world in a different way through climbing.


Shawn got into climbing while in college in Southern California.  He is a fan of bouldering and will tell you stories of bouldering in California with mattresses as his fall pad.  Shawn is less outdoorsy and enjoys the air conditioning and comforts of indoor climbing.  If allowed Shawn would spend most of his time in the bouldering section of the gym.


We have over 10,000 sf of climbing surface with all angles to play on. We offer some great opportunities to test your mental and physical strength as well as meet some new people that you can laugh with as you fall off some plastic holds.

JCCA Rope Qualifier at Tyler Rock Gy
Sat, February 16, 2019
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM CST
Ages 16 & Below
Welcome to the 2019 JCCA Rope Season!